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((Asha Sur's arriving from another fragment of time.))

Alas, the only tower that could be found was nothing but a skeleton, and not even in a fun way. After Asha had arbitrarily lead her group towards the staff area in hopes of finding something or someone of interest by the radio tower, she had dismissed the small, sad building next to the tower with a glance. From the looks of it, it'd be cramped if they had tried to fit the three of them in it, and Wayne had already expressed a desire to avoid being closed in.

The bell tower that could be seen across the island had looked suitably impressive and gothic for Asha's tastes, but neither of her companions seemed particularly keen on getting any closer to the asylum. A pity, Asha would have loved to get a fallen angel's eye view of the island. Maybe ring the bell, just for the hell of it. Judging by the tolls she had heard earlier in the day, she wasn't the only one with that particular aspiration. Maybe they were fans of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, too. She hummed Hellfire as she walked.

It may not have been a terrifying, eternal monolith, but the library seemed like the next-best place to be. Asha had always found some comfort in a library's strict, quiet dignity, and she suspected most others felt the same way. Besides, she was sure her class had a bunch of shy bookworms who probably weren't taking the whole "death" thing very well, and where better to help them than in their natural habitat? She entered the building, not loudly, but not trying to hide her presence, either. Glanced around once she was inside, was slightly let down by the absence of a literature convention. The building seemed cozy enough, at least.

"Y'know, I'm surprised no one else is here. This is a pretty good spot for a nap," Asha said, settling down on one of the sofas.
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