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After a bit of joking around, they finally got to business. Blair was glad; on the one hand, it was nice to have a touch of brevity in the face of imminent doom. On the other hand, brevity wasn't good for being productive, and if Blair wanted to not die, she would need to be productive.

"Basically." Blair said with a shrug. "None of this crap works, so unless we find out someone on the trip had an electrical engineering degree, this is a dead end."

She turned back to look at Sandra. She'd been about to say something, but dismissed it. "Hey, Sandra." Blair said, cocking an eyebrow. "What were you saying a moment ago?" Blair knew as well as anyone that when someone said 'never mind', they were hiding something. And in this soon-to-be-hellhole, secrets were a good way to get murdered.

"C'mon, no secrets." Though Blair's tone was teasing, she meant business. Sandra had seemed distracted for a while, ever since the apartment complexes, and Blair didn't want to be hanging around someone if they were unreliable.
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