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Holy Christ Hannah. What did she want? Dance out the right answer or they'd scram? They were all just hanging here, and if people like Hannah were gonna bolt anytime the situation got like the slightest bit out of their comfort zone, this was gonna be a shitty time for them. You gotta embrace new things.

Because it was all about new situations, wasn't it? Space aliens. Zombies. New sensations. New feelings like that one in Kaitlyn's gut.

"Yeah, let's head to the bell if ya want. We're totally cool. And weapons? I mean, there's ways."

She shrugged. They'd take that as they would. Irene'd be cool. And Kaitlyn was pretty sure she could draw Olivia in if she wanted to. As for Hannah? Fuck, two out of three ain't bad. But who knew. Even she had to realize that the group dynamic was probably the best way to start this thing off. Maybe not later, maybe not even tomorrow, but Kaitlyn was slow-playing this for now. She had to.

Oh fuck off. She'd just made a poker reference in her head. Kaitlyn hated doing that. 'hurr hurr now the chips are all in aren't they?'

Besides, this game wasn't even a bit like poker. It was all new. You didn't trade things in poker. You did kill the weakest in poker, though. Feast on the loser who signs in with a straight bankroll and no idea how to play.

Actually, maybe you didn't kill them. And yes, Kaitlyn knew full well that there was a big fucking difference between busting out and this, you wads. But maybe you strung them along. That was always a possibility.

And you positioned yourself.

Would anyone trade a gun for a giant heavy shield? Maybe. If they had the right reason to do so. Incentive and stuff.

"So, uh..."

Wait. Kaitlyn's feet were wet. She looked over her shoulder.

Water was starting to rush into the cave.

"Hell is this?"

High tide, folks.
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