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Nate looked at Ben for a moment, processing his question, then shook his head. No, he hadn't seen anything ‘bad’ yet; he’d only really seen Matt and the asylum, after all. Did that make him lucky? It was unpleasant to think about.

Deciding not to dwell, Nate took the conversation back a question. “Well, I wasn’t in Hamlet.” He replied, stepping into the room and looking around the inside. “They did that when I was a Freshman, and I hadn’t joined drama yet.” He was still adjusting to the school at the time, after all, and had only joined soccer at that point. Bit of a shame, since Hamlet was a good play; he wasn’t sure who he would like to play in it, but it would’ve still been fun to take part.

It dawned on Nate that this wasn’t really the right time to be thinking about such nostalgic things: Ben had just asked them if they’d witnessed anything horrible, after all, and here he’d decided to think about what theatre he liked? He couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

Remembering that he hadn’t been travelling alone, Nate turned back to Matt. “Matt, if you don’t know him, this is Ben. Ben, this is Matt. He found me in a little chapel, and we basically just came here from there.”

In the moment of finding a familiar face, Nate had forgotten about the aches and pains that had brought them looking for medicine in the first place. Realising this only brought them right back, though thankfully they were dulled as his tensions had eased just a little.

“Is there any aspirin in here? I’m not feeling so good.”
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