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There was no response from Al, his cube was back in his pocket and he looked to be in thought, could he trust this person? He looked over at Serena as if she had the answer, she would have to be blunt and tell him she had no clue what to do. All this situation did was remind her how poorly thought her idea was, first person they meet and they're terrified of them without even seeing if their good or not.

The voice rang out again, asking if there was something and then stating they were going in. There came a tense feeling over the room as the seconds starting going down, would this person take no for answer? Would they leave them alone if told so? She couldn't shake the feeling of distrust inside her. The video from earlier was repeating itself in her mind, the man said they were friends and yet one killed the other with barely any words said. There's always more to a story than what you're shown, but she had nothing else to go on. If they let this person in and trusted them, would this be like the video. Them walking in, killing them both and then walking out without a word? She was determined to make sure it didn't happen to them.

Serena walked over to Al and whispered to him "From the sounds of it they aren't looking to fight, I won't blame you if you trust them, but let's be cautious." She took a quick look over at the door and said out loud "You get in once you say who you are, who you're with and what weapons you have." Blunt and short, exactly how it should be.
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