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Where there was once only one, there was now two. Another boy appeared in the doorway, which initially set Lili on edge, but after a few moments it became obvious that he was friendly. Maxim was his name, according to Ben. Ben's own reaction to Lili's appearance startled her, but she quickly reconciled it in her mind as a gut reaction. She could not afford to assume otherwise. Regardless, she found cause to relax, her grip on her nightstick loosening.

"I'm really happy to see you too, Ben," Lili said, smiling genuinely for the first time she had all day, "You're, like, the first person I've seen today that I know." She turned and looked at Maxim once more, now standing just a few feet away inside the building. She gave him a welcoming grin, being not sure what to say as an icebreaker. What was most important to her was that she was now, for the moment, in the company of friends.

"You're, like, friends with Ben too?" She asked Maxim, "Nice to meet you, I'm Lili."

The orange sun setting on the horizon glinted off the walls of the building, reminding Lili just how long of a day she had had so far. She was beginning to feel herself get tired, having to stifle a yawn that crept up seemingly from the realization itself. Her eyes began to droop, a whole day's constant movement creeping up on her in an instant. She leaned against the wall opposite to the one Ben was sitting against, looking at Ben once more. He looked, thankfully, unharmed, as did Maxim. Lili was glad that he had made it through the day unharmed. If anything had happened to one of her friends, she wasn't sure how she'd be able to react.

"Who'd you guys see today?" Lili asked, running her hand through her hair, "Just out of curiosity, y'know?"
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