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Almost immediately after the chair made that clacking noise, Lily heard footsteps. She hurriedly put the chair down and backed away from the door. She scrambled back to her bag to grab her mirror shard—for all the good it had done her so far—and raised it. Staring at the door. Waiting.

And it was Alvaro.

Lily lowered the shard an inch, but not completely. Alvaro was… a complicated case. Her friend/kind of ex-boyfriend. Did one date count as properly dating? Did they count as exes if she’d never officially said ‘I’m not into you?’ Just one awkward date, followed by her never bringing the subject up again and hoping it never came up.

There were worse people to run into, she supposed. But…

“Keep where you are.”

Lily considered him for a few moments longer, frowning. Then she sighed.

She was honestly too tired for proper hostility right now.

“...Alright. Come in. But keep your distance. No offence.” She lowered the mirror shard.
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