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Things didn’t quite go as Jeremy thought they would.

He expected something… different. He didn’t quite know. Maybe the people inside would taken it as the jokey action that it was and either laugh it off or go ‘wow that wasn’t funny at all Jeremy, I’m not even sure why you try.’ One of those naturally was a far better result than the other but he could live with both, maybe after crying into a pillow for a bit but eh, he would have gotten over it fairly quickly. Had he been exceedingly unlucky maybe he would have came across some aspiring sociopath, ready to make mincemeat out of bones or however the cliche went. That… any way that would have happened it would have sucked, but he’d still most likely live from it. He had a gun. All he needed was to pick it up and go ‘pew pew’ and stuff and he probably would have gotten out of it okay. Okay meaning alive and not a murderer, because having the guilt of having someone dead at his hands on him wasn’t really the ideal way for him to spend his last days.

Those were the two events he was expecting. What he wasn’t expecting was for everyone in the room to get defensive all of a sudden.

His hands went down. Alice’s - quiet girl, likely the recipient of a failed attempt to make new friends a couple months ago - went up. Why would she do that? It wasn’t like he was covered in blood or anything. He looked down. Nope, still bloodle-




This was a little bit awkward now.

Maybe it’d be best if he tried to make this… not what it was.

“Oh. Wait. Sorry. Don’t worry. You can put your hands down now.” Jeremy said, in a sorta jolted manner. Experience had not really given him any tips on how to defuse an awkward situation caused by you bringing a gun in during a death game.

Oh also the other girl - Scout - was probably trying to be a badass. He was fine with that, and the line wasn’t too bad. Even though the focus was far more on the awkward situation he had created with Alice he could still at the very least give himself that bit of mind to respond to her.

“Well I mean, the door’s still standing, so I’m not really sure what you’re talking about there.”
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