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"THIS IS PEER PRESSURE!" She jokingly shouted, before looking at the thing. "If it creaks once, I'm out Caleb. Not risking it."

She got up slowly, banging her hands together to get the creeping numbness that had been crawling in out of them. The chopper seemingly loomed in front of her as she approached, and she peered around. The rope was the closest, but there was what looked like an emergency medical blanket very close as well.

There was a thermos flask that had rolled sideways against one of the seat rails, and...
There was another medical kit. If she could reach it, the two would be in a much better position... Or not, as she realised that it was open, and she was actually seeing the inside of the door, enpty. Damn. Would have been useful if it had contained gear, as this looked like some kind of medvac helicopter, so it probably had had a lot more potent stuff than what they had.

"Caleb, your skinny ass better be ready to grab any stuff."
"Or me..."
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