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There was a noise.

Alvaro jumped. What was that? Was it a person? It had to be a person because he didn’t think anything else would be capable of making that noise. He breathed, looked up. It was a person. What did that mean? He knew that it meant that he was likely going to have to talk to another person but would that be a good or a bad confrontation? Would they be like Danny and Audrey or would they be like Min-Jae or Jonathan? He hoped the former. He just… needed the former at this point. He just needed to be with a person who he liked who liked him back and who wouldn’t turn on him. He only wanted that. If he got that, then he wouldn’t really know what would happen then but he knew that he would be happy, at the very least.

He breathed, again. In, out. It was a risk. He knew that.

Was it one he wanted to take?

He paused. Silenced reigned, for a brief moment.

It was.

So he stood up. Moved forward. Opened the door again.

The corpse was still where it was. Curled up in the corner, blood covering her arms.

Alvaro winced. Tried to look away. There was a hallway beyond the room. He thought that that was where he heard the noise from. If he wanted to get through, he was going to have to go past Abby.

He looked at the corpse. Blood. Dead. Either it meant she killed herself or there were killers on this island.

Slowly, he looked away.

He wanted to take this risk.

So slowly, he walked through the room, his shoes crunching against the glass below. His breath was held in. His eyes were unwavering.

And eventually he made it past. He released his breath out, and gave himself the small reward of being able to look around, again. So he checked. He looked.

The person standing at the other end of the hallway was one he knew.

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