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((Nancy Kyle continued from 逃げろ.))

Nancy ran into the library pretty much by chance. She was too preoccupied with the ringing in her ears to really pay attention to where she was going.

This time, when Nancy collapsed, getting a faceful of dust, she didn't move for a good five minutes.

She couldn't tell what was what anymore... all she knew was that... she was a murderer.

That didn't take long. Nancy quickly crawled over to the one of the corners of the library, away from the entrance of the library and tucked into a small nook.

No one would find her here. She could play out her emotional turmoil in peace.

When Nancy pulled a ration bar from her bag and wolfed it down, she wasn't really thinking about how good or bad it tasted. When she emptied her first water bottle by another quarter, she wasn't really thinking about how wasteful she was being.

She wasn't thinking about that at all. She just needed something... something to distract from the ringing, the blurring, the pounding.

Even though it hurt, Nancy tried... she tried desperately.

She tried desperately to not lose herself to the clawing feeling of anxiety in the back of her mind.
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