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Nice gun. Did Irene agree? She didn't know, but she glanced her eyes over and downward to be sure. It looked nice. Smooth curves and powerful edges against her not so smooth curves and not so powerful edges.

"I mean, if you want to come with us...?" Plans, they had plans. Kaitlyn, Alan, Hannah had plans. Things Irene didn't have. Once upon a time they'd have all been gathered in a big round circle of crossed knees and empty lunch trays and the school bell with the chromatic tone of ding ding would have been about to ring. And they would have had plans, and Irene wouldn't have had plans. Plans were hard to make. They had too many variables and faces and fun easy little things that slipped through the cracks and became good times on dry sun-bleached desert days.

Maybe Irene could...

Stop watching Alan, because Hannah and Olivia wanted her here. But Irene's feet belonged there, but her head was pulled over here. Somewhere where she probably belonged. She orbited her two friends vaguely, feet shuffling sand in place. Hannah whispered all shouty, Irene shouted all whispery. "Okay, ten seconds! You guys have ten questions...-" whoops that was Olivia who had ten questions- "uh, seconds. I mean." Irene wondered if the other two over there had heard. She herself maybe had heard. Olive breathed a lot, Irene could hear it when her own ear was hovering right on Olivia's sorta warm shoulder. Irene had probably forgotten to do that at some point. Had to make sure there was air in her lungs and all.

Ten more seconds to watch Kaitlyn and Alan waaaay over there. Watch them with blank eyes scrubbed clean by an unkind ocean breeze.

Ten more seconds 'til the bell made them go. Ding ding, it had once went. Once upon a time.
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