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Maxim's father often told him that taking risks was not something one had to necessarily avoid. One of his former friends had told him the same, years or so ago, namely that he 'should stop being such a pussy and grow a pair.' Maxim certainly didn't miss him.

Still, he had to agree with both in this case: Whoever was sitting against the wall there, being busy with his bag, did seem familiar to him. He couldn't quite make out his facial features yet, what with him not looking at him and the hallway being poorly lit., but something about him seemed -

There was another noise, some other noise coming from up ahead. Maxim jumped a little and lifted his head, breaking his gaze away from the familiar looking boy and towards where the noise came from. He immediately spotted them, spotted her, some girl coming straight through the entrance. He didn't recognize her, but he didn't need to since the first thing that caught his attention was a longish object in her hands, some sort of stick or bludgeon; he couldn't exactly make out what it was, but it didn't look harmless.

He instinctively took a step back, pondering about what to do. The girl herself didn't look particularly intimidating. Rather small, compared to his own size, skinny too. In theory, there was no way she was going to overpower both him and that other boy with only that stick thing she had. Unless of course, it was a trap and that other boy was with her and -

The other boy reacted now. It seemed like he was just as surprised as Maxim was. His movements were hasty, clumsy, supporting himself against the wall, stumbling around and - hold on, was that Benjamin?

He had only gotten a brief look at his face, but yes, it did look like it. No wonder he had seemed familiar, it was Ben. Seemed he was lucky. He could put that guy under the category 'friendly acquaintances' at least. If that girl had any bad intentions, he and Ben could easily work together to stop her from-

Well, never mind. Didn't seem to be necessary. Apparently, Benjamin knew that other girl as well, judging from his reaction. Jeez, the guy certainly was happy.

Maxim made no effort to show his own relief, instead just taking a few steps forward, until he was only a few feet away from his friend. He limply raised a hand as a greeting. "Hey."

He glanced over Ben's shoulder, giving the other arrival a skeptical look. "She a friend of yours?"
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