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Candice wasn't entirely sure what she was hoping for from this encounter anymore.

At the very least, it seemed as though they didn't have to worry about a gunfight breaking out at the moment. There'd be no real reason for Al and whoever else was in the room to not have opened fire already if they had been planning on doing so.

Well, the thought that they could be stalling while an ally of theirs snuck up behind Candice and Mia to catch them off guard had crossed her mind. But in the end, since it seemed that everybody's cell phones had been stolen, it wasn't like the people in the room would have any way to coordinate with people outside, so that concern could be ruled out.

It seemed as though Candice and Mia had once again had the luck to encouter somebody who wasn't hostile.

The trouble, of course, was where to proceed from there. Mia's attempt to reach out to them had apparently fizzled out without so much as an acknowledgement of their presence. If it were the case that Al didn't want to talk to them, it's not like they could force him.

Candice briefly considered calling out on her own as well, but stopped just short of doing so. If they weren't willing to open up for an acquaintance, would adding a total stranger really change anything? It was probably best to just write this meeting off as no meaningful outcome.

We may as well move on, was the conclusion that Candice had reached, but before she could bring this subject up to Mia the other girl plainly announced her intent to enter the room, one way or another.

"Is this really a good idea?" Candice whispered urgently.
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