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There was a long silence. Or maybe it just felt like a long silence and Toby was imagining it.

But it felt like a long silence.

Toby scowled, leaning backwards as the girl on the floor began to talk, defending herself and then introducing herself, which was exactly what Toby didn't want her to do because that made it a hell of a lot harder to be angry and guarded about her presence there. As much as Toby wanted to be aggressive and suspicious it was just... it hurt. It clawed at her internally that it had been her first reaction to someone else showing up. To accuse, to wonder just what they were doing there. Not a sick feeling, more of a clenching, uncomfortable one, like blundering into an exam question that you hadn't studied properly.

"Of course I don't," Toby said, a little more vehemently than she intended, but one hundred percent intending on the exclusion of the first girl. Toby had no freaking clue what she was gonna do. She wasn't even certain she knew was she herself was going to do.


"...I'm Toby. And if you didn't want to look like you were sneaking, you shouldn't have sneaked."
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