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Steve went. Bradley just sent a curt "yeah, see ya" behind him as he left. To be honest, they had nothing in common, no reason to stick together, beyond the accident of location. At the end of the day, accidents of geography were how most friendships started, but Steve didn't seem to want to take that chance, to probe further and try and find some chemistry. His loss. No point in running after him. That'd be kinda gay.

The juniors at Cochise, they were always weird around Bradley, taken as a collective amorphous blob, with a pretty tame disposition and unmemorable quintessence. Couldn't say he much cared for the esprit de corps of that grade as a whole. Let the juniors run off and do whatever shit they wanted to do. Except Alba. Alba, he could probably have some fun with. She was a prop at that moment, something he could use as a stepping stone in making jokes about the real source of humour here.

His sweet ol' classmate Bryony Adams.

Bradley had to admit, it was a special kind of shy that Bryony had. Like, shit, being fearful and diffident and apprehensive and all that stuff, in this context, was pretty forgivable. The mark of a psychopath if someone wasn't a little bit scared. But Bradley had the suspicion Bryony was still just straight up shy. And shit, he respected that. Girl stuck to her socially awkward guns, come hell or high water.

He took a step back, still devil-may-care and glibly flippant in every motion and movement, to get a fuller view of the sight before him. Alba was taller than Bryony, but she wasn't the impenetrable cover she was hoping for. If only their heights were switched. That kind of visual humour, that always made Bradley laugh. Mix that in with Bryony's hilariously determined bashfulness, and it would have been a recipe for comedy gold. Fucking shame that they were the heights they were. Oh well. He'd make do. "Well, come on out, Bryony. If you bundle too close together, you might make an easy target."

He bared his teeth in a grotesque display that was some caricature of a friendly smile. "For birds, you know? I'd wager the birds here are the shitting type."

"But, you know, finding shelter is a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm also kinda new to the area, so I kinda don't know anything about good places to chill." He shrugged. "I've just been around the docks this whole time. I'd wager you two have travelled a fair bit more than me." He clicked his tongue again to fill the silence. "Either of you fancy a cigarette?" Bradley had manners, after all. He wasn't not going to ask them that.
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