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There was quite a bit more in the duffel bag than he thought. Moving quickly from item to item, he counted three bottles of water, at least eight high-energy survival ration food bars, two loaves of bread, that one green metal box, which was a first aid kit apparently, a flashlight, a compass, a... book? Forgetting to keep the corridor in the corner of his eye, Ben lifted it out of the bag and read its title. "Mr Danya's Guide to Survival". A flood of irritation hit him, momentarily dispelling all anxiety and fear about his surroundings. They were mocking him. The book, whatever information it might contain, wasn't put there to be helpful. It was put there to give the terrorists another way of laughing at them while they... A slow tide of primordial dread washed over him as the irritation ebbed away, but he deliberately finished his thought. "...while they died.". His jaw tightened, not from anger, but from resolve. "Not me, you... you bastards", he ruminated. "I'm going to get out, and take as many people with me as I can!"

He might have sat there longer contemplating his situation had he not been interrupted by footsteps and the appearance of a figure from the third door on the right - exactly where there shouldn't have been one. Despite being given a scare that almost made him jump out of his boots, Ben's knees immobilized and he only managed to slide himself along the wall somewhat. His vocal cords tightened and only let a short, muted grunt escape his lips. In the dim light he couldn't identify the face of the person before a second incident made him spasm anew. From the entrance a half-whispering voice startled him into diving forward over his boots. Panicking, he turned onto his back and quickly looked up at the second arrival. It was... Lili. For the briefest of moments he relaxed, while the word "friendly" crossed his mind. Then he panicked again, remembering the figure in the corridor who Lili's arrival had distracted him from, and did a curious combination of jumping to his feet, turning to look at the person and backing away towards Lili and the entrance. This made him stumble, and he steadied himself against the wall as he moved back.

But his flight instinct was tempered after only two paces, for he now managed to get a good look at the figure's face, and in this he was even more relieved than with Lili. It was Maxim. And Maxim was a friend. "Maxim! Thank God! You're ok! I'm so glad.", he cried, as the words left his mouth like the tension left his shoulders, which he hadn't even realized he'd bunched up. He turned to Lili: "Lili, it's so good to see you."
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