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"Huh?! Answer me! Why did you do it, Alvaro!" Jonathan couldn't think straight anymore. All he wanted was an answer from him. Something, anything. Alvaro could've spoken up about why he freaked out, Barry could've said that he was okay, something, anything, he was the only one talking. That infuriated him more. Alvaro, he did this, and he wasn't even going to speak, he was going to curl up and act like if he ignored it that it would be okay and that everything is fine that he is the victim and-

Alvaro started running down the stairs.

Barry was down there.

Barry had a gun.

Alvaro was running down stairs.

Oh no. Jonathan sprinted after him. If Alvaro got his hands on it, he'd- That fucking vulture! As Jonathan ran down the stairs, that pit of dread in his chest moved it's way up, into his neck, up his face, out his eyes. Alvaro got down the steps first, he grabbed Barry's bag. No, no he couldn't, that sick bastard! Jonathan lurched forward in an attempt to tackle Alvaro, to stop him.

He missed, and landed face first into the wooden floor, with Alvaro running off. He rewarded himself for his deeds whilst simultaneously running from them. And now, he was going to do worse. Maybe this wasn't even his first kill. Maybe, those bruises were from someone fighting in self defense...

Jonathan wanted to keep chasing Alvaro, he wanted to make sure he wouldn't hurt anyone again; but he'd never catch up in time.

Jonathan turned, he saw Barry staring right back at him. His eyes. That stare, nothing behind it. No. He expected this outcome, but it wasn't what he deserved! He was going to help everyone get off! Jonathan knew he was saved by him, and out of everyone he's met, he's the only one who stood by him. And now here he was, laying on his back with his head tilted like-

Jonathan walked towards Barry's corpse. He would kill Alvaro. He would find him, and he would kill him. If nobody wanted to escape, that was fine by him, he could play by their rules- he could! He-

Jonathan closed Barry's eyes. He couldn't leave him like this, he deserved some respect. Jonathan had closed Barry's legs, and placed his hands on his chest. That's the way it's been done at funerals. That's what they did with Lisa... The one thing he couldn't fix was Barry's neck, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it to rest at a natural angle. He would kill Alvaro. He would kill him.

Jonathan looked at Barry's corpse. Only a few minutes ago, he was alive. He had been talking to him, he was alive. Now he's not. He didn't have to play, just kill Alvaro, make sure he wouldn't go home. He looked at Barry. Jonathan pulled out his tape recorder, and replayed his message to the world.

"He's right, you know."

After everything that had happened, Barry looked calm. At peace. Even if he died with his eyes open, there wasn't any trace of fear or sadness or anything. Like he was okay with what had happened and his neck was bent and-

"He's right, you know." Jonathan played the recording again and again. He would kill Alvaro.

"He's right, you know." He would. He would, he- he can't. After everything that has happened, he couldn't. Not because he couldn't kill, if it were anyone else who'd have fallen, he would have done it. He'd have thrown everything away, and he'd have hunted Alvaro, until him or Jonathan fell.

But he wasn't going to. Barry wouldn't have wanted it. And because of that, Jonathan wasn't going to do it. He would get as many people off of this island as he could, regardless what happens to him. He wanted nothing more to give up and join the animals, but he wasn't going to. Barry died, and if he did that, he would have died for nothing.

Jonathan couldn't leave him like this though. He placed his bag to the side and took his shirt off, resting it over Barry's face. He had nothing else to use. This hurt, everything about this hurt.

Jonathan turned and left the bell tower. He played the tape recorder over and over on the way out. No matter what, he wasn't going to give in. Barry wasn't going to die for nothing. Even if Jonathan couldn't save anyone and had just gotten himself killed, he'd have at least tried. But he would not fall down like the others; he wouldn't become one of them.

"He's right, you know."

((Jonathan Gulley continued in Just Three People In A Messed Up Place.))
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