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[Lucilly Peterson, continued from the same thread as above]

She thought that she did not think that through, but through-out as Lucilly was, she trudged through the halls of the building. There was grime and there was rust and there was dust. She had to cough once and twice and for a moment - once or twice - Lucilly felt her stomach revolting. Revolting against the idea of this building, against the idea of this place and the most important point being the quality of the air.

She kept it in herself, however. For truly she had emptied all she had eaten already, so that there was nothing more to give to the floor, and yet she felt a pride in restraint. Yet what made her feel quite the opposite of pride was her current role in the group. Lucilly was so haste to leave the initial room that she found herself as the tip of the group. Her strut filled with determination, so easily to be mistaken as Lucilly knowing where to go with certainty.

The others did follow, and as they walked, Lucilly thought how terribly awkward it was to have them do so. She thought how terribly awkward it was to stop and slow her pace as well. For surely all will stop and wonder for a moment what they should do.

Then, they truly did stop, and Lucilly looked behind her. Now, a situation even more embarrassing, for she had forgotten in her decisive walk that Emma and Amanda could not.

"Of course! Excellent idea."
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