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Back to reality. Would've continued to make an ass-looking idiot of himself if he'd been left in a blacked out closet, failing to murmur pointless shit at the sister he was likely never seeing again.

She'd be seeing him, though. One of those kinds of thoughts that made Ben's adrenaline prick at the bitty delicate nerves in his fingertips. But he held them steady. He had company, he had to keep all digits under control and all hands on deck... Hold up. That voice sounded familiar.

Yeah. Because familiar voices had certainly been harbingers of good news so far.

Ben almost got himself a flashbang to the face when the door opened, but he anticipated and blinked. For just a moment. Had to open his eyes quickly before a weeaboo sword was stuck halfway up his...

Nate. Hm. A spotlight with one of his old theater buddies. Nate was one of those sorta awkward needy talky types, but passably cool, and he put on some killer performances of the sort that had Ben thinking back then they didn't do this little dude justice with the casting. Little dude Nate was also one of the kids in Cochise that didn't have Ben beat height-wise. Winning out against the kid with bad genes was hardly something to be proud of, but with Ben's own genetic inheritance it was a take-what-you-get sort of affair. Other kid was a mystery. Matthew? They might have shared a class. They definitely shared an island.

Ben could smile, though it was hesitant, gruff and grinding up against the peach fuzz he'd been cultivating with long nights of practice out at Sumac. Ben was all about his history, and recent history had taught him not to take another face for granted. Let alone two of them. At least he didn't have to camp out behind a wall two inches from the other guy this time around. He could stand, meet his comrades with respect.

"Yeah, we were in drama together." Ben kept his tone and stance relaxed, his fingers resting on his jeans. Like this was just some after school shit. "Who the hell were you in Hamlet Sophomore year, Nate?" Shit, had Nate even been in that? Ben swore his brain had been all sluggish since he'd first been cocking up plans and taking no names. Maybe it was all the excess adrenaline. "Think we could keep the door open for a bit or we all hole up in the dark? And have you guys..." It only took him a moment, but he had to consider the question. If it would go over well, if it implied anything uncomfortable considering... Damn. Wasn't an easy question to answer.

"Seen anything bad yet?" Easy question to ask, though.
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