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((Amanda Tan continued from You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends))

Sunlight was a welcome friend.

Whether it was in Singapore or in Arizona, the warmth of the sun was the one thing that was a constant in her life. To feel it now, dim as it was through the barred, broken window was like meeting an old friend for the first time in an age.

And yet, she didn't dare to get too close to the window to get a better view, too much grime, too many sharp edges, too much rust. So she simply stared out the window as they passed it.

Everything felt a little off about the view. The sky was an uneven blue, a couple clouds floating by without a care in a world. No planes, no ships, nothing. Even the sea seemed dead, it's unfamilliar blue, rather than the usual harbor green, a sure sign that they were far away from anything that she had ever known.

Emma was still gripping onto her shoulder for support. In all honesty, Amanda felt as if she needed some herself. Fear was nipping at her at the back of her mind somewhere, but she felt she managed to keep it under wraps.

It was the same fear of death, she decided, that made it so easy for people to kill on SotF. You don't think about shooting other people in self defense unless you're a complete gun nut. Guns were unnecessary in normal situations but this was the furthest thing from normal you could get. She likely wouldn't have touched a gun if she wasn't here, but it seemed like the only line between her and whoever decided to play the game.

Not that a gun would protect her all that much, she reflected. She didn't know how to shoot, she didn't know gun safety, she didn't know anything. But she didn't need to use it. Deterrence was better than war after all. If someone wanted her dead, she'd probably not make it, but if someone was already thinking twice, holding on to a gun might just make all the difference in the world.

"Guys, you know we can't move that fast over here, right?" Lucilly and Jaime were just a little bit ahead of them further down the hallway. It was probably annoying having to wait for her and Emma to move slowly, but really, her shoulder was beginning to hurt. This was a slightly worse idea than she'd thought it'd be.

But Amanda was too much of a bleeding heart to stop helping now, even if she had no clue why Emma wasn't feeling well. God be damned if she was going to leave someone alone when they were feeling unwell. Not on this island.

"How about we take a break around here. These are the wards, right? Betcha some of these rooms have beds."
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