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Bart was right, or at least Jennifer agreed with him. It could be someone trying to call others over. But for what purpose, it could be any number of things. Someone could be trying to find some allies, or at least someone useful. They could be a killer. She wasn’t sure if people were killing already, and she didn’t want to know. What if someone could be banking on the idea that someone would come over and investigate? Then they’d… do what was asked.

Of course, if they heard it, other people probably did too. All kinds of people. The naïve, the curious, the scared… and the dangerous. Panicked people and murderous people just wasn’t something she wanted to deal with- especially if they had weapons and were potentially in a crowded place.

“No,” Jennifer snapped, but recomposed herself. She tried again, her voice quieter. “No. I don’t think it’s a good idea. If we heard it, others did too. If someone with a gun showed up and wanted to use it, well…”

She continued to wrap her arms around herself in thought.

“It might be good to figure out if we’re staying here or heading elsewhere, though.”

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