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She nearly screamed when he whipped around holding a gun to her face. Thankfully, he quickly dropped it once he realised who he was seconds away from killing. They hadn't even left the building yet, and this was what it was turning them into. Twisting their minds into a state of primal urge to survive, ready to take another's life in an instant.

What had he become? What had she become? What was this sick, twisted game doing to them?

She nodded and quietly made her way to the end of the hallway at Will's order. Rea wanted a moment alone anyway.

She just needed some time to think. Fresh air would help with that. And they probably had get moving anyway. Couldn't stay in this building forever.

As Will passed her and motioned for her to follow him, she wondered about what would happen to that kid they found. But he was powerless back there, and Will was the one holding a gun. But he didn't kill him. No one died, despite the fact that leaving him alive was just a liability, another student that had to die for him to live... and yet Will left him alive.

Maybe there was hope for them, a chance for them to remain human through all this, despite the incredible challenge that may be.

There was always a chance.

Something for her to ponder as she made her way to... wherever they were headed.

((Rea Adams, continued in AAAAAAGGHH))
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