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Barry fell back - the railing collapsing behind him - out of sight.

Alvaro just stood there, staring at what he had just done.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

There was a face that had just been there, standing right in front of him. Barry’s. It was one he knew. A friend. A teammate. A person who he could talk to when he wanted to be calm and a person who he knew didn’t mind him doing that.

But now the face was gone. It had disappeared. It had fallen off the platform and it was now out of sight. Barry was gone. He had fallen off the platform. He had heard something hit the ground. A snap. He was likely dead.

He looked down. At his hands. He could feel the air against them now.

He had done that.

He killed Barry.

His hands were shaking.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

He couldn’t. They weren’t reaching his lungs. He stepped back. Flailed. It was a stair and he couldn’t think and he couldn’t remember and there was nothing under his foot and he almost fell and he had to grab the handrail to stop himself from falling down and he swung and he hit the wall and no no no why did he do that why did that happen he killed his friend he was a murderer now and now Jonathan was here and he was screaming at Alvaro and no no no he didn’t want to be here he didn’t want to be a murder he didn’t want to be on this island he wanted to be home and why did this have to happen and why was he here why was he letting Jonathan scream at him he just had to-

Get away. He ran. Down the stairs. More than one at a time. Far past Jonathan.

And then he saw Barry. Face down. Dead. Alvaro’s breathing became faster. He did that. He killed him. He did that. There was a bag off to the side. Barry’s. Wait. Not his anymore. Because Barry was dead.

He did that.

Couldn’t think.

Jonathan. Down the stairs. Run.



He needed what he could get.

He grabbed the bag as he ran, not looking back as he left the bell tower.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued in Would You Believe? This Isn't Me.))
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