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A noise from behind them interrupted Jonathan and Barry's words to the world. Jonathan turned around, another smaller noise, much like a squeak emitted from the new stranger. Barry called out to him, it was Alvaro.

Alvaro was okay. Jonathan rarely talked to him, except maybe early on in his freshman year. He was okay for the most part, but Alvaro started avoiding him once he started talking to Michael. It was a lie to say he wasn't sure why, Michael had a habit of intimidating him, as well as mispronouncing his name, something that more than likely got on his nerves to no end. Being called 'Albania', 'Albano', 'Aloe vera'... Would get on anyone's nerves. Jonathan was never around when he did those jokes, but for whatever reason, Alvaro decided to avoid him. Guilty by association maybe?

Alvaro was always kind of twitchy, but this was different. In terms of friends and popularity, Barry was well perfect. Played sports, had a lot of friends, always happy, nothing bad could really be said about him. Alvaro was twitchy, but not this twitchy. Maybe it was the island, but it was obvious Barry meant no harm. Hell, Alvaro didn't even know if he had a gun or not, there was no reason to be scared of him. But then Alvaro kept backing away...

That pit of dread? It came back. Something was wrong, real wrong. Alvaro backed up, backed into the light. There were two features that disturbed him. His face, his face was real messed up. Was he jumped? Jon's eyes trailed up, they met Alvaro's eyes. That was the second feature, and that was when it hit him. That look in his eyes; it was unlike anything he'd ever seen, a cacophony of emotions, all negative. Fear, anger, something else that he couldn't quite place. That is what hit him. That wasn't the look of a victim, that was...

Jonathan ran forward, he had to help Barry. There was no way this was happening, he couldn't, he had to warn him he had to- "Barry! He's playi-" Barry reeled back, hit the railing, kept going back, he didn't stop. He dissapeared. Jonathan kept running forward before a thud... and something else hit his ears. Jonathan froze in place, the world deathly quiet. He thought he heard something in the distance. It sounded like a quiet breath, or maybe that was just the wind.



"B-Barry?" Jonathan choked again. W-what did Alvaro do?! Why?! All we wanted to do was help! All Barry wanted to do was help!


Jonathan looked up at him. Barry was supposed to make it off this island. He saved him, he deserved better.

"What the f-fuck is wrong with you?!" Jonathan pointed at Alvaro, he wanted to know. Why? Why did he- "Why?! W-why would you do this?!"

Jonathan could feel tears welling in his eyes as he screamed at that damn murderer.
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