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So. Not the asylum. Asha was a bit disappointed by that, but she understood. Not the way they'd came, either. Simple enough. She didn't want to leave, but staying meant doing nothing but think, and Asha'd had quite enough of wretched introspection for the time being. Much as she absently wished that someone would come along and hug her and put her thoughts at ease, that very wish was why she had to become that person for everyone else. Hiding herself away would only be selfish.

"Dunno if there's a lighthouse here, but I'm sure we can find a dark tower of some sort," Asha said, springing away from the fence. She glanced back at Dorothy and Wayne, flashed a grin, quickly enough that she didn't have to think much about it, and started walking. "Let's went."

((Asha Sur's running from the White Noise.))
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Time steals us all away one day, does it not? · Northwest Cliffs