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The force of Alvaro's unexpected push sent Barry stumbling back into a railing. He had expected it to catch him, similar to how the railings on the stairway had kept him from falling after Nancy and Clarice had charged past him. However, this rail happened to be in much worse shape that the rails on the stairway, and its rusted framework collapsed when Barry had backed into it. Shocked, he lashed out with his arms in a vain attempt to grab something that could keep him from falling over the edge. His fruitless efforts did nothing as he tumbled over the edge and out of sight.

He flipped over as he fell, giving him a good view of the ground below him. It was a long drop to the bell floor, and there was nothing in the way to save him. He still kept flailing his arms, giving the image that he was trying to swim through the air to escape the impending impact. These movements continued to be as ineffective as they were when his feet were on the ground.

His momentum caused him to flip over once more in air, and now he was looking up at the platform he had fallen from. He could see the spot where the railing had broken, Alvaro against the wall, and Jonathan still on the balcony. He still didn't know what had happened to Alvaro, or why he had pushed him, but now it looked like he wouldn't get the chance to find out.

There was still hope for him, though. Barry knew that people had survived long falls with minor injuries before, so maybe this could be one of those times. Sure, he would probably still be hurt, but if he's still alive, then maybe he can help with whatever Alvaro's dealing with. Maybe he could still help Jonathan with their plan to escape. There were no certainties, but there was still hope.

Barry started to flip again, and he looked up to see that the floor that he was hurtling towards head-first was now mere inches from his face.

His neck broke on impact, and the rest of his body collapsed on top of it, his limbs flopping limply from the force of the landing. His body fell flat and came to a rest under the bell that had been a futile symbol of his hope.

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