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escaping the real world to face reality
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"Nononono, if you head for the bell we're comin' with you. We're going there anyways, and since you've already like stolen all our thunder and shit we're not gonna let you go if you don't haul our asses with you."

Alan bet that came off as annoying. Annoying was good, right? Better than being scary, better than scaring the fuck out of them and making them run and shit, right? Oh oh oh and it also made him look like a joke, which was good, cuz yeah it was all part of his master plan to look weak and ineffectual and incompetent, and then, well, then the people all safe and complacent in their leather chairs laughing at you, all safe and smug on the safe side of the TV screen, they all flip out and scream because there was Alan and he was sitting there staring at you and then he leans in close, reeeally close, and he grabs your shirt and whispers one word: timing. Timing, fuckers. And then he runs you through with the most badass weapon he can find. And it'll be glorious.

Yeah. All part of the plan. And maybe it's because he was calling it a plan, but really he was already feeling tempted to just fuck that shit. It's not like it would actually work, right? And maybe someone somewhere would be able to actually pull that off, but it wouldn't be Alan. You know why?

You really wanna know why?

Nah, you don't. Sorry. He's being all annoying again.

And Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn was getting it. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. You put it all out there in the open. And then you point out that you're really putting it all out there as a ruse. But, see, within that ruse there is a

You get the idea.

And when the terrorists think back to all those times their fingers hovered over the button, telling themselves that there was no way in hell a kid talking about escape plans in full view of the cameras was serious, well. You know what they say about regret.

So he'll play the badass who's actually kinda incompetent but see that's a facade that's all just a facade to make you underestimate him so see there wasn't any need to change what he was doing, right?


"No boats. Not yet. Not until we have a shitload of weapons on us so that when they come after us in their assault chopper we can flip 'em the bird."

You watching Alan, kids?

Well. Watch this, then.
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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