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Sandy watched wordlessly as Maria took the dare and moved behind the shelf, shouting with glee from the other side. Sandy heard the reply, but couldn’t place the last name Diamond at the drop of a hat. Hearing Caleb’s first name too probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference, though, since there was nothing tying the two together.

When the new arrival rounded the corner, Maria unfortunately in tow, Sandy stood his ground as he eyed up the couple. He didn’t recognise Caleb any more than anyone else in the corridor, and the fact that Maria, by contrast, clearly did wasn't any kind of reassurance; if anything, it only made him warier. After all, terrible people tended to enjoy terrible company.

Caleb flinging spiders at him just proved him right.

Sandy yelled out, swinging up his arms to shield himself from yet another face full of who knew what, but he was too slow as a handful of eight legged freaks landed on his skn. Panic set in as he scrambled to pull whatever the hairy things trapsing across him were, and in that time Maria and Caleb had long gone. He spat one particularly invasive arachnid out of his mouth on to the ground, stomping at it to make sure it didn't bother him again.

His chest was heaving now, as he gritted his teeth in a quiet fury. First a CD player, now spiders? Why the hell had everyone decided to make him their punching bag, decided to insult and abuse him? All he'd wanted was just to be left alone; was that so much to ask? He hadn’t even said a word said a single word to Caleb, and this was what it got him?

He looked down at the writhing body of the spider on the floor again. It was still moving, twitching, as it struggled in its limited sense to understand what was going on, why someone had wrestled it from its web, and why it could no longer do anything about its fate whatsoever.

Sandy stared at it for a moment longer, before bringing his foot down hard.

((Sandy Bricks continued in Dreams and Reality))
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