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Closer. Too close. Through the door. Up to him. He couldn’t breathe. Wait, no. Couldn’t hear himself breathe. He couldn’t hear anything outside of his own thoughts not his breaths not the steps on the wooden platform not the words coming out of Barry’s mouth absolutely nothing other than the fact that oh god he was getting closer and it was happening again oh god it was going to be another fight just like Min-jae and he didn’t want to fight and he didn’t want to fight Barry and he didn’t want to be here and he just wanted to be in the cafe with Lily with Alessio with Barry the one from school who didn’t side with the bullies who wasn’t a bad person and who was Alvaro’s friend who he could talk to whenever he wasn’t feeling good and why did this have to happen why did this happen to them why did Barry turn against them and-

He remembered something. From sometime before. The dark room. The place where they shot Mr. Graham in the head and told them what was happening. The man on the stage - black hair, clean shaven - had told them something in particular. Showed them the images on the screen. Anyone. Anyone in that room around him could turn on him and try to kill him and he could die and he didn’t want to die and he didn’t want to be here and-

A voice. Barry’s. Getting even closer to him. His hands were shaking. His breaths weren’t going in. Barry was getting even closer to him and he knew what was going to happen. Barry was going to attack him because only one person could survive and he was working with Jonathan who was with Michael who bullied him and who was going to attack him because he was a bad person and people needed to be bad people and he was here and he couldn’t move and he couldn’t step back and he was cornered and he just need to do something before Barry attacked him. Anything. Anything that could get him out of here.

He had to do something.

His hands went out, feeling of the wind against his arms going unnoticed.
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