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She looked at the heliocopter, then Caleb. Caleb, then helicopter. She took a deep breath, then expressed herself in fhe simplest and clearest way she could:

"Are you titsfuckingly insane?!?!"

"That thing looks like it's a stiff breeze away from being a prop in a Micheal Bay film! And besides, whilst I appreciate you calling me skinny, i'm still one-ten. No way that flimsy-ass balancing act is gonna hold an extra fifty kilos of moving teenager without toppling into the sea."

Speak of the devil, the helicopter creaked and groaned as a gust of sea air hit it. "No way potential dying by falling off a goddamn cliff is worth a singe fag mate." A seagull cawed above them, and she saw a flock pulling together over the water, sprialling around and calling out excitedly.

You don't win the game of death by dying first. The name's a little misleading.

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