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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout glanced over her shoulder at Baker with a skeptical glint in her eyes. She turned back to glance out the window. Not in order to ignore the girl's question, but to investigate a brief movement in the distance. Probably no one. Maybe a raccoon or whatever.

"Been fine," Scout said, "what were you going to - "

Scout spun around to face the newcomer. The cigarette stayed clenched between her teeth. Nevermind the fact that she jumped just as high as Baker when the door swung open and she damn near dropped the cigarette entirely. But, past that, there was little to fear.

The senior did not look like a threat. She assumed he was a senior; she knew most the faces of her junior class and she did not recognize him. And it was hard to take him seriously, with the faint outline of a mustache and a big, dumb smile plastered on his face. Clearly he was not planning to go on a Roman holiday.

Looks could be deceiving though. Scout's hand hovered close to the handle of her saw, stored away in the pocket of her jacket.

"... Did you really need to kick the door down? You're lucky neither of us are trigger-happy." Speaking of, Scout gave a sidelong glance to Baker. Her face was aloof, inscrutable. "Put your hands down, you're embarrassin' us both."

... Of course she saw the gun. It'd be hard not to see the handle jutting out of his pocket. Scout was going to pretend (for the time being) that she did not see it, and that the other girl was overreacting.

Besides. He did not have the gun drawn. If he had any intention of killing anyone, he was off to a shit start. It would take him seconds for him to pull it out, longer to aim and fire. The hall was long, but not long enough to impede clearing the distance between her and the senior before he had the chance.

It would be an easy task to get that gun. But Scout had no intention of giving it a shot, not with Baker standing between them.

She did not want any casualities. Not now. Not if she could help it.

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