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Brendan watched as the window shatter after the chair connected with it and glass was falling everywhere. Some of it went out of the window. Possibly landing on the ground, a bush, anything that he could think of. Some of the glass was on the window. Most of them were smaller shards of glass. While the bigger shards were on the floor in the bedroom with him. Brendan thought that it was better to get the ones that were huge compared to the tiny ones. One for him. One for Nadia. It would be perfect!

Suddenly he realized that Jerry and Nadia would have heard the noise that he had made up here. He wondered if they were panicking right now. Thinking that there was someone else up there with him. He would have to put their minds at ease after he was done in this room. He should have called out to them before about what he was about to do. But it was too late now. And he will have to deal with it soon.

Brendan focused back onto what he was doing before his thoughts of the other two. He placed the chair back down. Then he crouched down and he stared at the shards for a while. Should he check how sharp they were? Just prick his finger and see if he bled a little or not. That was definitely a dark thought. But he didn't want these to be useless for him and Nadia.

Brendan sighed in frustration. He needed to stop having doubts about things. He just needed to take a risk. It was for survival as much as he didn't want to admit it to himself. He reached out to one of the long shard and he touched the end with his left index finger.


Brendan stared at the red dot of blood on his finger and he nodded his head. As if to confirm that that piece of glass was good enough for him. He put that piece into his hoodie's pocket and he search for another one. He wanted to check if Nadia would take it. He got back up as he got another piece of glass and he held it as carefully as he could in his right hand. He didn't want to actually cut himself. Jerry and Nadia would think that he was a complete imbecile if he did so.

He stepped out of the bedroom and he headed towards the stairs. He could see that Jerry was standing there, looking all paranoid with his knife out once again. "Uh.... S-Sorry, guys. That was just me. I broke a window as I thought that the glass would be a good weapon to use for self-defence. I should have warned you before I did it. Ha...." Brendan let out a small awkward laugh as he headed down the stairs and he felt really embarrassed for his behaviour. "....This shard that I am holding is for Nadia, Jerry. I-If she wants it...."

Brendan made his way pass Jerry and he placed the shard onto the couch for Nadia. He decided that he was going to leave as he was done with the place and he had a pretty useful weapon for the time being. He wondered whether or not, the other two would go with him. He stepped over to where his bag was and he put the can that was laying next to it inside of it. He got out the map to have a look at it and he knew where he would head next. He put the map back into his bag. Then he zipped it back up and he turned back to look at where the other two were standing.

"I'm going to leave now as I am finished here and I really want to see if I can find any of my friends...." He said to them as he moved slowly towards the front door and he give them both a small smile. "Uh..... You two can decide if you would like to come with me or not. It's really your own choice. Anyway, if you don't want to. Then this is goodbye for now, guys. So, u-um.... bye...."

Then he headed out of the cabin to get to his next location.

((Brendan Harte continued Just Three People In A Messed Up Place))
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