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Everybody turned against him.


Harold, staring at him. Conrad stared at the wound he had caused. Bloody, worse than Clarice's wound. She stepped in front of Harold. Conrad gripped his sword tighter, but lowered it, fearing Clarice to attack him. And she attacked Conrad. Verbally. Accusing him of being a person, a person that was not him, with her reciting the outlasting thing out of context, verbally hurting him, looking at him with a stare he would not have wished anybody to ever experience. He tried to justify it to Clarice, to tell her how she was...how he did not plan to...to tell Harry that...but no word came out of his mouth.

Conrad was too focussed on the reactions of his classmates to even notice a Ty running towards him.

And after that, it was a line of events Conrad could not control, being assaulted by the wrestling co-captain. No resistance could be done. And after that, the pain had hit Conrad basically everywhere. Chest, face, back. Conrad tried to free himself from Ty's control over his body, but he did not manage to. Unarmed, Conrad was on the ground. But it did not stop there. Ty was pulling his arm, Conrad had no idea why, but he felt like he was about to die and get killed. He felt helpless and his body wanted to escape. There was no one that helped him.

And then the left-handed vice president felt a pain surpassing every other hit he had taken from Ty.

Conrad screamed. It was a mix of different vowels and consonants, though within the random noises that exited out of Conrad's mouth a 'why', 'no' or 'elp', could be heard as well. His heart was racing and he breathed loudly and tears dropped to the ground and his vision was blurry and he wanted the pain to go away.
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