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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Ty Yazzie Continued From Thirteen Steps))

Lotta things a man can see and still keep his composure. Where the line runs just depends on the man. Being aware of that line and staying to the right side of it was how Ty kept himself out of trouble these past months. A sharp eye, and a reminder of how disappointed people would be if he crossed it. Made him behave like a better person, all in all. No matter how heavy the temptation, he stayed on his side of the line.

That line stretched out in front of him clearer than ever as he caught up on the scene. On one side, Harry and Clarice sat looking beat to all hell. Harry was in a lot of pain, he could tell that just at a glance. That was his side, taking care of them and fixing whatever the fuck had just happened was his responsibility. 'cept to understand that, he had to glance to the other side. Had to see Conrad there, holding the sword he'd woken up with all shiny and fresh with blood.

Harry's blood.

Suddenly that line didn't look so clear. Weren't much that did. The only thing that rang clear was that Conrad was the problem.

Ty hit him like a runaway freight. Maybe the kid heard him coming, but he didn't care. It was raw rage and adrenaline at this point. All that mattered is that he hit him, made him drop that sword he stole, made his face slam into the ground as Ty straddled his back to keep him down. That was it. Threat contained. Rationally, you could stop here and everyone would be alright as they could be.

Ty wasn't in the business of rationality at the moment, though. When he looked down, he didn't see a threat contained. He saw an animal that had hurt his best friends. There was no way he was every going to let him do that to anyone else again. With gritted teeth, Ty grabbed his left arm and pulled it up behind him at an unnatural angle. He could feel the resistance, and that was all he could feel. All sound and sensation was blotted out by the blood pounding in is head as he pressed against that resistance harder, harder, no matter what verbal or physical struggle tried to invade his space. He wouldn't let up.

He didn't stop pushing until the resistance gave in, and that zeroed in trance popped with the sound of Conrad's arm breaking.
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By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you · Solitary Confinement