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Barry's smile faded into a look of concern. Alvaro was still trying to get away from him, and he had no idea why. Was it something he had said? He was only trying to be friendly. He didn't really think that anything he had said to Alvaro could be taken as a threat, at least not unless the shorter boy was already starting to get paranoid from the stresses of the island.

"What's wrong, man?" He asked with a twinge of nervousness in his voice. "I'm just trying to-"

He paused once Alvaro backed himself against a wall, not only because the other boy was obviously scared, but because with the sun now illuminating his face, Barry could see some pretty distinct injuries across his face. It looked like he had just come from a fight not too long ago.

"Whoa, what happened?" He leaned in a bit closer to try to get a better look at Alvaro's wounds. If he could help treat them, then maybe that would finally put Alvaro at ease.
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