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Barry got closer. Alvaro moved back more. He jolted. His foot had gone over the edge of the platform and he had almost fallen down the stairs. His breaths were getting harder. He moved. To the side. To the corner. To the place that barely anybody looked and where Alvaro could hide if he didn’t want to be seen by particular people. It was comfortable, back then. A place he knew was bad to rely on but was one that made him feel good when he used it. But now it was different. Now he wasn’t sure. Barry had seen him so he didn’t know what he was doing by moving to the corner and he knew that he should just step onto the stairs and run and get away as quickly as possible but he couldn’t and he was doing this instead and he didn’t know why and he needed to do something but he didn’t know what and-

Barry had moved. He was in the doorway now. Taller than him. Looking at him. The look in his eyes was different but he had seen this before.

He knew how this was going to go.

“No, I-”

He tried to step back again. The foot hit the wall behind him. His breaths were getting faster. He was cornered.

“Please, don’t-”

He looked up at Barry. Looked down again. His hands were shaking.

The bruises and cuts on his face could be seen as the light of the sun flashed upon them.
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