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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Then you just go ahead and break off a table leg!" Jerry insisted, the first couple words shaky in their intonation after having been pulled from his little daydream. "Or d'ya think I should do it instead?" Made enough sense to him that he'd be better at snapping off a table leg, but it also made sense to have a strategic mind about things. Right now, Brendan and Nadia were competition. They were his competitors in a little death game, and all three of them weren't able to make it out of this thing alive.

Maybe he didn't necessarily have to kill either of them. Hell, maybe he didn't have to kill anybody! Couldn't he just play it cool and stay on the fringes? No, the terrorists had thought of that, didn't they, what with the 'danger zones' and stuff... he couldn't think of those two words following one another without immediately going to the scene in that old Top Gun movie. So maybe, then, this was a game all about alliances. He could just be the brave peacekeeper like he and Ben were gearing up to be, and maybe at the end, the last few remaining kids would... who the fuck knows, die of dysentery or some fucking thing?

No... shit, those guys had thought of that, too. The words of Mr. Greybeard or whatever ran through Jerry's head.

The winner had to kill at least one person.

He had to kill at least one person.

If he wanted to win, he had to kill. ... ... But maybe not right now. Maybe later. Right?

Jerry went to stand up off the couch... and ended up jumping clear off the cushion when the sound of shattering glass sounded from upstairs. "Oh hell! S-Somebody really was up there!" He stammered, blurting out the first thing that came to mind. His hand fished the knife back out of his pocket and he stood around the bottom of the stairs, hand trembling.

Don't fear. Fear is the killer. The quake killer. The... ugh! How did that line go!?
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