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"Thanks for your concern, but I have friends," he said flatly. "I'm not a total loser. Only a partial loser. You've even seen one of these elusive creatures when you asked me and Kimiko for cash at the ice cream place."

Maria had noticed the Nixon mask hanging out of his pocket, where it had been since he'd been in the library. "Out of the two people who made a Nixon joke at me, I'd rank you number 2."

She made special note that they were on tv, but he couldn't care less. He'd be dead soon so it's not like he'd live to see the consequences of anything he'd done being streamed or aired or whatever.

"You see that helicopter over there?" he said, motioning with his eyes in the direction of the aircraft. He stuck the cigarette in his back pocket and stood up.

"I took a peek and it looks like they're some blankets and rope inside. If we get the rope I can set up a trip by the stairs. The door pulls inward and it's the only way up here. If someone tries to come up during the night, they'll fall flat on their face. If we move somewhere later and want to step up camp, we can do the same thing or rig up something to make noise. The blankets are obvious, they'll just make it more comfortable overnight. I might unsettle the thing, but your narrow ass could get the stuff."
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