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Something was making Conrad nervous with Harold talking to his girlfriend, while having a sword in the room. His halberd was on the ground, but the sword was just there. It was creepy. It looked like it was there to be quickly picked up, leaning on the wall. Surprising people with an attack is a common thing in wrestling, right? Him talking about Ty, talking about the team. A team. Alliance. Conrad was not in the wrestling team. Was Harold implying that the wrestling club members should unite to survive? Conrad knew that Clarice would never ever join such a thing, but what did he know about Ty and Harold planning to do so? Ty scavenging the building with the plan to find items for Harry itself was a scary thought. The former terrible person who bullied people in a situation like SOTF. Why should Ty keep being friendly? What would stop him from becoming his old self again?

And Clarice just mindlessly believing his words was worrying him as well. The two of them joking. Clarice liked it, Harold liked it. But Conrad did not find any of this funny. Clarice was doing the same mistake over and over again. Conrad had to help. Perhaps, Harold is no bad guy. But even then, being cautious is the best solution for Clarice and Conrad.

Conrad Timothy Harrod stared at the sword leaning on the wall. Such a thing could kill someone. Such a weapon could injure someone hard. It was deadly and this could be bad. It's a weapon, and like all weapons it's dangerous if it's in the wrong hands.

Conrad knew he could be quick. A couple of steps, a grab, and back to Clarice. Now, Conrad had the sword.

Much more safe.

Pointing the sword to the ground, he looked at Harold, with an undecided and uneasy frown.

"Sorry. Precautionary move."

Conrad had the sword, Harold had no sword. Clarice was safe.

"Swords are not an item I want to deal with. Not after what Nancy did with her weapon to her."

He looked at Clarice's face and was not surprised at her reaction to his stealing. But he had the responsibility.
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