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"Ok, yeah, you got me. Both of thise were kids I knew back in England. Still, betcha there's some people who wouldn't mind being your friend Caleb. I mean, despite what you think, generally people do have some friends. Just a few."

"Why do you want the sword so bad anyway? What did you get for a weapon anyway?" She cast her mind back, and realised that he had been holding something in his hand. It had been rubbery, floppy, and had looked like...

"Well, sucks to be you. At least you're not a crook though!" The joke fell flat. Har har, Nixon mask, not a crook. It was about as hilarious as making an 'I did not have a sexual relationship with that ___' Clinton joke. "That joke was bad and I feel bad. Do tell me what you need helpihg out with though, maybe I won't fuck it up as badly as I did my brief career as a televised comedian."

She stressed the 'televised part,' and her eyes flicked to the camera behind them, as if to remind him that this shit would be going on air sooner or later. She had never really payed any attention to SOTF really, but she did know that it was only aired after it was over, to prevent people locating them early.
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