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Everything was fucked.

She had just wanted the spear and instead Cristóbal ended up getting stabbed.

((Kimiko Kao continued from Prepare to Burn))

Kimiko was sat, back against a wall panting. There was blood on her hand and she was staring at it, trying to come to terms with what had happened. She didn't even know if Cristo was dead. The moment when she'd stabbed him replayed in her head.

Was the wound life-threatening? She didn't know. Kimiko just knew she couldn't leave his blood on her hand.

She opened her bag and searched for a bottle of water. Upon finding one she tore the cap off and poured the contents out on her hand, washing away most of the excess. There was still blood lurking on her hand though, down in the lines of her skin. It gave her skin a strange tint and she hated it.

Kimiko raised the water to her lips as she looked around the room. She knew where she was roughly, either the A or B block of the staff housing. The room, and the whole building really, looked like a whirlwind had torn through it. There was random junk everywhere. Beer bottles, playing cards, books, clothes. She didn't know what had happened exactly but if she was to guess she would have said a party. She rubbed her face with the palms of her hands and went back to thinking about Cristo. She didn't want too but with nothing else to focus on her thoughts were drifting.

The spear was nearly as tall as she was Kimiko realised now that she properly analysed it. It had been difficult to gauge its size in the gloom of the storeroom but in the strange half-light present in the abandoned building she got a better idea. It would be useful. It was a shame Cristo had to get hurt though.

Kimiko rubbed her face again. She didn't want to be a killer, but she wanted to be free. Her left hand worked it's way down to the collar that was around her neck. A symbol of her imprisonment in the life and death game. It was smooth and cold. One unbroken ring.

Taoism taught action without action. It also spoke of freeing yourself of selfishness and desire. But how was she supposed to follow those teachings in the situation she was in?

Wu-Wei was a concept Kimiko had always believed in and followed but she was in a different situation now. Kimiko doubted that Taishang Laojun had considered the situation she was in, but that wasn't a reason to disregard his teachings. She rubbed either side of her philtrum as she thought before eventually giving up.

She picked up the spear, the glass shard was safely in her pocket, and her bag. She had to move.

It didn't take her long to heard a voice. She couldn't quite place the voice but they sounded agitated. The voice came from a doorway to her left, Kimiko slowed her walking but as she moved the spear it caught one of the countless beer bottles and sent it skidding across the floor, clinking the whole way.
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