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"Okay, but this isn't those. This is some random sword you just met that people who hope you die gave you. It would make more sense if you just told me it's your weapon and told me to fuck off."

He twirled the single cigarette around his fingers like a miniature baton. He stuck his tongue out at her and shut one eye briefly when she held up her finger stub.

"I've never known a Jessica OR a Sam in my life. I have no idea who you're talking about, so if they exist, which I'm dubious on since I've been going to the same school with the same kids longer than you, then they're pretty damn unsociable themselves."

He mimed pointing to his left and then made a shocked face. He held his hand out and shook an invisible hand. Caleb mimed being slapped and rubbed his chin.

"Jessica and I talked it out and I think you got your wires crossed."

He waved the whole issue away and moved in closer, holding the cigarette between his thumb and pointer finger again.

"I have another idea. I'll give you this if you help me out with something."
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