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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen watched two of the boys run off. Arthur, thankfully, was either as confused as she was or dismissive enough of the events unfolding with Henry and Jasper that it was decided they weren't anything to be worried about. She quickly turned back to Jasper, half-expecting that paintball gun to be aimed at her eye or something. To her relief, it wasn't.

Coleen crossed her arms over her chest and balled up her fists, tucking them in her armpits to protect her fingers from the ocean spray and the wind's chill. "Sure," she started, "that's the direction I was walking anyway." She stepped off to the side to clear Arthur's path and then turned, backing up until he was to her left side and between the ocean and herself. Her thoughts of taking a swim having subsided for the time being, she stared after the two boys who ran ahead.

"So where did you all meet up?" She asked, still staring straight ahead.
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