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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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It was wrong.

It was all wrong.

They were supposed to be safe now. They were all good people, they could figure this out and help each other. The rest of this place, the rest of their classmates, that was all clear as mud, but right here? This was supposed to be okay.

People could be terrible, but she'd been awake...minutes. Just minutes. Nobody would go to the dark places they'd seen on screen in minutes. She couldn't believe that. Yet despite her paralyzed disbelief, Kimiko hadn't stayed with them. Abby wanted to stop her as she moved towards the spear, either by just saying something or physically getting in her way. But instead, it was her turn to stand frozen as Cristo stepped up to try and control the situation.

And he got stabbed in the gut instead of her.

The blur of panic overtook her as soon as he fell. She ran to him and fell collapsed to the floor to look his injuries over. If what was stumbling out of her mouth was intelligible, it wasn't on purpose. She didn't have the thoughts to rub together and make anything sensible at. All she had was raw, animalistic desperation that only coalesced into speech as it became clear that there was nothing she could do. "Cris," she gagged, "oh Lord please, Cris, I, I..."

She had nothing. There was no way to make this better. It wasn't even clear if he could still hear her. If he could still be called alive. He wouldn't be for long.
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