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((Also skipping with permission))

Alvaro’s breaths could no longer reach his lungs.

Barry had seen him.

Thoughts exploded in his head as he heard Barry’s friendly greeting to him and he was unsure about what it meant. It was Barry. He was being friendly. He was acting how he always did and he knew that before this happened Alvaro was able to just take what he said for granted but now he was here he just couldn’t and he knew that he wasn’t being rational on this and he knew that he could trust him but he couldn’t and he hated that and the pile of questions about Barry just grew larger and larger in his mind. Why was he with Jonathan? Jonathan was a bully, why would Barry willingly choose to be with one? He didn’t know, and that was the worst part of it. There had to be a reason. He knew it. Barry was working with a bully and there was a reason for that and Alvaro wanted to believe that this was good because it was Barry and Barry was a friend but Jonathan was not a friend but apparently Barry and Jonathan were friends and he couldn’t help but just think bad things about it.

Then he remembered something. Where he was. Not the bell tower, not the island, but the game. Survival of the Fittest.

Only one could survive.

The breaths finally reached his lungs.

No. He couldn’t trust Barry. Only one could survive. If he trusted Barry then Barry could easily just stab him in the back and then Alvaro would die. No. That was why he was with Jonathan. Jonathan was a bad person, and now that they were here it was okay to be a bad person now. No. He couldn’t stay here. He had to get away as quickly as possible.

The steps were small, only slightly moving across the platform on his side of the door. There was something he could say. Something that could explain what he was doing. Something that could get him out of here without the both of them going after him and something that would keep him safe and alive and away from the people like Min-Jae and Michael and Isaac and Jonathan and Barry and he just needed to say something. Anything.

Nothing came out.
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