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"Caleb, let me tell you a little story. One day, way back when, I got a set of knives for my birthday. It was my first set of knives, and I used them over and over again, so happy that I was on my first step to becoming a 'real' chef. In fact, I used them so much that I cut through something I really shouldn't have cut through." She held up her hand, showing the missing finger.

"I was lucky, actually, because I sliced straight through the joint that held them together. No messy cuts in the bone. I still have those knives. In fact, I have three more sets of knives now, and all of them are sharp enough to slice a million fingers off. They are my babies, and I don't rely on them to protect myself."

"Now guess what my answer will be. Or don't, because you probably know the answer already." She lent back, head resting against the wall and sighed. "And girls do like you Caleb. You just never... Tried. Anything. Y'know Jessica? One of the girls I hang out with? She liked you. Kid called Sam who thought you were pretty cool. You were just so damn... distant.

"But hey, that's not really my business. I'm sociable, the next person might not be. You're one of the ones who ain't that sociable, and to be judgemental of that would be fucking insane." She put extra emphasis on the swear word, as if to stress that him swearing had really not been needed.
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