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"Seriously, I'm not making the part about the Nixon guy up." Rene insisted upon hearing the joking skepticism of the others. "The guy had a mask and everything. It's just too bad he didn't get the rest of the act right."

Now that she was inside, she took the opportunity to look around, not that there was much to see from her viewpoint. Just a radio station with some old junk lying around here and there, all of which had definitely seen better days. From the looks of things, nobody had attempted to send or receive anything resembling a radio signal from there in a long, long time. By proxy, this meant that her hopes of sending an SOS were pretty much dashed right there.

Well, shit.

"So let me get this straight." Rene held one hand in front of herself as she spoke. "What we're looking at here..." She waved her hand in a circular motion, gesturing to the area around her. "Is a whole lot of nothing, am I right?"
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