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Henry had muttered something nonsensical and ran off, any semblance of sanity flying out from under his feet in a single remark. Arthur saw Jasper turn and run after him, briefly looking back at the two remaining before continuing off on his run.

Coleen was fine, though. That much was important enough not to forget. She had been startled by their approach, and she had been alone, but she was holding up well. Was Arthur really going to leave her behind just to chase after someone else? They had run off on their own, and even if he felt a need to go over and see what was up, he couldn't abandon Coleen.

Besides, he had just been leisurely strolling along just a few minutes ago. Even if he did give chase, he was going to walk, so why not stay put?

Elsewhere, fish spun out of their circles and swam back towards the ocean, satisfied with time well spent in orbit of each other.

"Henry's a bit of an eccentric," Arthur said, passing judgement as he would a soccer ball, "I wouldn't worry too much about what's going on over there, and I'm not gonna go over on my own. If you want to see what's up, though, I'll walk with you. Your call." He shrugged his shoulders, sticking his free hand into the pocket of his shorts. "Your choice, Coleen."
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