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The silence of the moment was broken by the bass drum beat of Lili's heart in her skull. She was totally blind to what was going on inside the building, or even what was going on just behind her wall. The only separation in between what was in there and out here, with her, was in a hollow, weathered wall. It made sense to her; so far, nothing in Spiderland, no momentary peace or calm, had been built on a strong foundation.

When she heard the noise, then, of a bag being set down on the ground, she knew the coast was not yet clear. Someone had just set their stuff down, and was starting to ruffle through the contents just in front of the door to the building, standing between Lili and peace.

Lili took a moment to add up what she knew in her head. Whoever had shouted earlier likely had no intent, or at least no obvious intent, though to what extent that could be used as a gauge of anything was up in the air, right? After all, Kaitlyn had been absolutely fine before the bell rang, but that was enough to send her off of the deep end, and Eye-patch had looked utterly peaceful before she turned that gun on Lili, so would she wind up making the same mistake in the end, falling victim to someone with every gear in their body wound up and every antennae tuned to "KILL," wouldn't she? It would take, and take, and take, until there was nothing left, no meat to pick from her bones. The sun would rise from the sea, kicking up a hurricane, and set on the other side with an impact that would shake her to the core.

All at once, Lili's thoughts spilled out of her brain and through her ears, pooling at her feet in a viscous soup. They dribbled out through her nose and her eyes, leaving trails down her face. She felt the weight of the drops of thought on her clothes, the metallic flow as each drop spun down and fell off of her face. Then, in a single moment of lucidity, she blinked once, and it was all gone.


Where had she been, in her train of thought? Did it matter anymore? She already knew what she was going to do.

Lili was going to turn the corner.

She had started to breath silently through her mouth, the same air going in and out in short intervals. Her mouth had opened softly, unconsciously, moments ago, sometime when she was lost in thought, though she could never know exactly when. Gripping the nightstick again in both hands, she felt the muscles in her feet tense up, threatening to root her to the spot like they had when she was in front of the warehouse. Not this time, she thought as her left foot picked up from the ground, and never again.

She swiftly rounded the corner, her eyes widening as she saw who had been sitting on the other side.

"Ben?" Lili said, in an astonished half-whisper, the words flowing forth from her mouth before she had a chance to reel them back in.
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